Dr. Prof. Haidong Wang

Chief Physician
Professor at Peking University
Beijing, China, China

Minimally invasive laparoscopic treatment of renal cell carcinoma, prostate cancer, ureteric ureteral cancer, adrenal gland tumor, adrenal hypertension (aldosteronism, cortisol, pheochromocytoma), bladder cancer, urinary calculi, renal cyst, varicocele Neurogenic bladder surgery; pediatric urinary diseases: children with cryptorchidism, children with inguinal hernia, children with hydronephrosis, children with urethral malformations and other diseases.
Prof. Haidong Wang is
• Member of the Minimally Invasive Expert Group of the Urology Branch of the Beijing Medical Association;
• Member of the Pediatric Oncology Committee of the Beijing Cancer Society;
• Editorial Board of SM Journal of Case Reports;
• Specialty Editor of Journal of Clinical Physician (electronic version).
Prof. Haidong Wang published more than 20 papers in national core academic journals. 4 papers were published in the international core academic journals SCI. He is the author of 2 specialty books.

Professional Information

Organization Name: Peking University Health Science Center
Website: http://english.pku.edu.cn/
Practice Location: China
MD (University): N/A
Memberships of Associations: N/A
Distinctions: N/A
Area of Practice: Specialist

Conditions & Diseases

Prostate CancerUrinary Tract InfectionsRenal CystsNeurogenic bladdercryptorchidisminguinal hernia

Work Experience

Peking University (China)
Feb, 2010 - Present (11 years 11 months)
Peking University
Feb, 2010 - Present (11 years 11 months)
Peking University
Feb, 2010 - Present (11 years 11 months)

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