Dr. Xiaohong Chen

Chief Physician, Professor and Doctoral Supervisor
Chief Physician at Peking University
Beijing Shi, Beijing Shi, China

Specialized in the function preservations of larynx and eye in head and neck reconstruction, and the mechanism study of family genetic tumors and rare diseases in head and neck, such as mucosal melanoma, medullary thyroid carcinoma, adenoid cystic adenocarcinoma, and olfactory neuroblastoma and so on.

Special research projects from the national natural fund and the 3 projects supported by Beijing Natural Science Fund. Dr. Xiaohong Chen published more than 70 papers (the first or corresponding author), 24 papers are indexed by SCI. Being the chief editors of 2 books, and participating editors of 11 books, participating in the programming of 2 guidance. Presiding over 2 single center and 1 multicenter clinical trials (ChiCTR-INR-17013725 /17013647/17013722/17013663/14004984).

Professional Information

Organization Name: Peking University
Website: english.pku.edu.cn
Practice Location: N/A
MD (University): Peking University
Memberships of Associations: The Vice-Chairman of Chinese Medical Association of Youth Department of Otolaryngology Head and neck diseases.
Distinctions: N/A
Area of Practice: Specialist

Conditions & Diseases

Head and neck diseasesOtolaryngology

Work Experience

Chief Physician
Peking University
May, 2001 - Present (20 years 8 months)